5 Tips for Planning a Healthy Thanksgiving

Vintage Thanksgiving Greetings Card

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, many of us will begin our meal shopping, planning, and preparations this weekend. Melrose Pharmacy wants to help you make this one the tastiest, healthiest, and most memorable Thanksgiving yet! Our tips are sure to save you some stress and help you enjoy that special day like you never have before. Keep these 5 tips in mind as you write your grocery list, plan your menu, and brainstorm some fun activities for the Thanksgiving holiday.

  1. Start cooking today. Many pies and casseroles can be prepared ahead of time and stored in the freezer until Thursday morning. Getting those items prepped this weekend can save you several hours of labor on Thanksgiving.

  2. Shop thoughtfully. Making small adjustments to your tried-and-true Thanksgiving recipes could save your family tons of extra calories, salt, and sugar. For example, you could try reduced sodium broths (or make your own ahead of time); lighten up your casseroles with a healthy substitute for cream-based canned soups; or replace sour cream with protein-packed Greek yogurt.

  3. Begin Thanksgiving with a good breakfast. It’s a smart way to start a long, activity-packed day. There are tons of healthy crock pot breakfast casserole recipes that you can start on Wednesday night. What’s better than waking up to a hot, delicious breakfast?

  4. Get everyone involved with meal preparation. Ask visitors to bring a healthy side dish or appetizer to share. Have the kids help you wash produce and measure ingredients. There’s no need for one or two people to be stuck in the kitchen all day while everyone else sits around watching a football game!

  5. Plan some fun physical activities for everyone. Many communities organize Turkey Trot races on Thanksgiving morning. Why not gather up the family and go for a brisk morning walk together? Or maybe your clan is more interested in a team sport; a pick-up game of football or basketball is easy and fun exercise for everyone.

Small adjustments like these can help you and your whole family enjoy a healthier and more memorable Thanksgiving. What other ideas do you have that could make this your family’s best Thanksgiving yet?

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